Letter To The Creatives

Letter to the creatives

To the creatives,

It is amazing to think about the art that come out of little ideas in your mind. It is bewildering to think that what was once an intangible thought becomes something pleasing to the senses. It also goes without saying how critical you are to the survival of man.

Dear creative, do not be afraid to dream. Do not be confined to walls that society may have built around you, or ceilings that may have been placed above you. Allow your imagination to run wild and let your inspiration be your guide.

Unfortunately, it is normal to feel empty. It’s normal to have days when you simply can’t pour,
or when the words you’ve put together aren’t turning into a sweet melody for the soul. It is normal to have moments when your fleeting thoughts are just that, fleeting.
In moments like this, take time to feed your mind and your soul. Take time to bask in what you and others have created. There is a lot to learn from other people and a lot to learn from the creator of the heavens and the earth, the master craftsman.

It may take a while for you to build an audience. It may take a while for you to get over the offence of feeling unknown. Through it all, I hope you never lose your zeal to create. I hope you always remember that you are amazing and that you keep working on perfecting your craft and producing honest work.

The art you create is a reflection of who you are. There is a lot you can deduce about a painter from the work they do. There is a lot you can tell about an author from the way the write. As you work on your art, work on yourself too. Never stop learning. There is always more to learn.

Do not be gatekeepers of industries. There is always room for one more photographer. One more YouTube channel. One more blog. One more podcast. There is always room. That simply means one more story gets to be told. There’s no need to feel bad about another person joining your field.

If you’re just starting out, I hope you have a blast! The journey will not be easy but it will be one you will never forget. Have fun with it.

With that being said, I hope one day you will be given the recognition you deserve. I hope one day you will be more respected than you are now. I hope one day your art will not be taken for granted. I hope when people see what you create, they also see the process and the person behind it.
It is you, the story-tellers, who will make us immortal.

Wonani Xx

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Hey guys! It’s day 3 of the Afrobloggers WinterABC2021! I love to do this thing where I end a blogging series with an open letter. I have written a couple. This is a short open letter to creatives. I will write an extended version some day.

Please, do tell, what is your favourite part about being a creative? What do you love the most about it? I love that I have an opportunity to freely express myself in a way that I’m comfortable. What do you love about being a creative? Leave a comment and let me know!

Read all the other posts for this years blogging festival here. I’ll also leave links to other letters I have written because I couldn’t put them in the article. Follow the blog to keep up with me!

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32 thoughts on “Letter To The Creatives

  1. The letter shall.renain ok our hearts whenever we feel some kind of discouragement.
    What I love creating is the meaningful relationships I make with people and just the freedom to Express myself the best way I know how

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    1. I really hope it does!

      I love that about creating too. I’ve really made some good relationships.
      Yaasss to expressing yourself!
      Thanks for the reading!


      1. Certainly..its one of the things which keeps me going..the relationships and connections with other people from all over the world. How cook is that😅😅


  2. Dear Dose, I have received your to me as a creative. I must tell you that I really love the description ‘creative ‘.
    What I love as a creative is that I have an official place (my blog) to write my thoughts and I also have the opportunity to learn from people around the globe.

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  3. Thank you Wonani for this letter. I hope we all get the recognition we deserve because being a creative requires more than just book or paper.

    I do love being a creative because the ability to put words together that not only I, but others out there can relate to, is just fascinating and mind-blowing. 😌

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    1. It definitely requires a lot more than that 😂

      Listen, that’s something that amazes me so much. You can tell a whole story in a few lines. That’s crazy. That’s definitely something I love too.

      Thank you!

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  4. Thanks for this letter. I really enjoyed reading it. My favorite part is don’t be afraid to dream. I’ve always thought of myself as a dreamer and sometimes I freak out thinking whether I am still in touch with reality. But as a creative, you gotta let your mind wander freely

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  5. Do not be gatekeepers of industries. There is always room for one more photographer. One more YouTube channel. One more blog. One more podcast. There is always room.

    These are my favourite words from this post. I love it. I miss it. 🤗❤️✏️

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  6. Thank you for this letter.

    I hope someday I get the recognition I deserve because questions like “what if you never blow?” are scary.

    I’ll get the recognition I deserve. We all will. We put in so much!

    What I love about being a creative is that I get to work when I want to not on anyone else’s time. And even if I have to work on someone else’s time, it’ll be me doing something I love.

    My experience these past months have taught me to appreciate being a creative.


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    1. We all will. So much truth there.

      Yes. I love how you’ve put the time aspect! What’s not to love about working on your own time and doing what you love?!

      Thanks for reading Sylvia. And for the comment too!


  7. What a beautiful letter. I love it’s realness for portraying the vulnerability of creatives, especially when it comes to days when you just feel empty and pressured. I also like the honest advice on how we can navigate as bloggers as we try to craft a name for ourselves as we continually attract a more loyal audience. Had fun reading this!

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