Post Uni Q&A: Love, Money, Roommates, Failure, Struggle Meals etc.

Hello lovely readers! As promised, I’m here with a Q&A about everything to do with my university life. I have quite a number of questions to answer so this will be a very short intro. If you want to join in the fun and ask me some questions next time I do something similar, follow me on Instagram, @wonxni_. Let’s get into it.

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Am I Ready To Move Back Home From Uni? Help!

Hey everyone! From the title of this post, you can tell I’m about to go back home from uni. I decided that in this post, I would share what on any other day would be a journal entry. I have actually been thinking of creating another category on my blog called, “Wonani’s Journal” or something like that, for my more personal posts.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for this move back home but obviously there are things I’m still a little bit anxious about I hope you will be able to help me out with this.

On Sunday, I moved out of my uni flat and moved into an AirBnB where I’ll be staying for the next few weeks until I finally fly home. I’m not saying when exactly because there are some people I’m hoping I can surprise and there is a very high chance they will read this post. Packing my stuff and putting some things in boxes left me with mixed feelings. Excited to be going back home but sad to be leaving what has been my life for the last four years. Of course, there are people I am going to miss and places I will miss. I will especially miss the convenience of shopping online. I am making the most of it before I go.

One thing I’ve learnt through this period I’m in, we’ll call it a transition period, is that when a season ends, it carries along with it some things that you don’t want to end. For example, some relationships end and life as you know it ends. I’m currently at a point where I’m neither here nor there, trying to be fully present here while also trying to figure out what comes next.

Over the last few months, I have realised that out of the surprisingly many relationships I formed while in university not many will actually last outside of university, and beyond “likes and comments” on Instagram. Not that I expect to talk to all my friends every day (I barely do that even now) but it’s just that I will no longer exist in their lives and they will no longer exist in mine. I knew this from the very beginning. Some friendships are only “designed” to serve certain seasons and once that season is done or the seasons change, you move on. I just find it sad, however, that people who were practically my family at one point will not even be my friends at another. I’ll always have so much love for them and will do my best to maintain the friendships!

Another thing that has been on my mind has been moving back in with my parents. I love my parents but living under someone else’s roof can be a lot. I have no plans of moving out any time soon but just the thought of going back to living with rules and having to do things on other people’s time and not only yours is something I’m not sure I’m ready for. I’m not saying I’m “wild and reckless” right now. I’m just saying that doing things on my own time is something I will miss. Going out whenever I want to, leaving dishes in the sink overnight if I want to, staying in my room all day and other small things like that.

Additionally, I’m worried about my family, my parents especially, not understanding that I am no longer the 18-year-old girl who left home four years ago. I think I will need to have a conversation with them about this. Things have obviously changed. My interests may have shifted over the years. Maybe I now like things I didn’t like before. I imagine that must be hard for parents to deal with. I really don’t know how that will go. Right now, I think relationships with family thrive when you’re not seeing each other every single day. I wonder how long it will take my family and I to get back to getting on each other’s nerves. I’m not moving out any time soon, or going back to school soon so I have a lot of time to spend with them. I’ll write more about this in another post.

Friends! I’m actually quite nervous about this one. I’m not the most outgoing person but I do appreciate having friends. I obviously lost contact with some of the people I was friends with four years ago and those I’m still friends with all have lives and things going for themselves. I feel the need to have to make friends because I know I’ll be stranded if the few people I’m still friends with are busy. I just need people to talk to. Also, will it be awkward to meet some people after so long? What will we talk about?

Lastly, I’m very excited to be going home to see my friends and family. When you move away from home, life there doesn’t wait for you to return. It goes on. I’ve missed so many important family things and I couldn’t be there for my loved ones when I needed to be. I’m generally happy to be going back.

I could go on and on and mention each and every concern I have right now but I think you get the idea. So, if you’re reading this, please give me any tips you have on moving back home from uni. I’m very excited but a little anxious.

Also, I will be sure to give an update in the next month or so. Just to tell you how it’s going.

Don’t forget to give me tips in the comments! I’ll appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx

10 Useful Tips For Thesis Writing

Hey guys! I published my thesis about a month ago and promised to share some tips on how to make thesis writing more enjoyable or at least bearable. I am sharing 10 tips in this post and I hope you find them helpful. Let’s get right into it!

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Choosing A Research Topic in 5 Easy Steps

Choosing a research topic is one of the deciding factors for your research. If you haven’t chosen a topic, then you obviously can’t get started. If you read my last post and you have excellent deduction skills, I’m pretty sure you were able to pick up a few tips for this from there. However, if you were unable to, fret not. I’m here just for you. In this post, I share five easy tips that I believe can help you choose a research topic.

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All About My Thesis Defense

This is a moment I looked forward to since my very first semester when I looked at my seniors in awe as they presented their research findings and couldn’t wait for it to be my turn. Four long years and the start of a pandemic later, my moment arrived. Let me take you back.

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