My First Blog Collaborations

Hey everyone! Happy New Month! I hope May will be very kind to us. May is also Mental Health Awareness month. I hope we all remember to look after our mental health too.

Welcome to this week’s post. Months ago, I promised I would update you on blogs/projects I was working on with other bloggers. They have been out for months and I forgot to share them on my blog so I’m here to do that now!

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Because Fish Can’t Climb Trees (Guest Post)

Photo Credits: Myers

Hi. I’m Myers and I’m a friend of Wo. I’ll be taking over Dose of Wonani today so stick with me.

Right! Laptop on, tips on keys…what to type? Bring out the genius …or fake it till we make it lol. So, here’s the thing, most of my life I’ve been intrigued by the power of human intelligence and the amazing things human beings are able to accomplish, considering we are only made of dust and ivory. If you’d asked to me ‘say’ what I’m thinking it would much easier, then my brain wouldn’t feel so desperate to present itself as much more than it really is by writing lol.

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