Date Night 1: Questions To Ask About The Man You Should Marry?

I know you’re looking at this and wondering why I’m talking about someone to potentially marry. I’m at the age where the marriage question and conversations keep popping up so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pass that on to you. Also, I went for a bridal shower recently and I was reminded of everything you’re about to read.

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Letter to My Future Boyfriend

Hey everyone! Welcome to the fifth and final post in the Relationship Series. If you haven’t read the previous posts, make sure you do here! I grouped them together just for you.

In true Dose of Wonani fashion, I’m going to end the series with an open letter. I did the same in my last series so I might as well keep it going. I got this prompt and wrote this letter months ago but I was waiting for the right time to post it here and I guess that’s now.

Here is my letter to my future boyfriend.

To my future boyfriend,

My biggest question is have we met? If we have then it will be interesting to get to know you in a new space and a new light. If we haven’t then hi. My name is Wonani.

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My Relationship With God

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s post and the third post in the “My Relationship With” Series. Last week I wrote about my relationship with family and the week before that about things I’ve learnt in relationships. It was so nice to hear from everyone.
This week, I take you along with me on my spiritual journey.

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Things I’ve Learnt About Relationships

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. We are slowly but surely approaching the end of the year and so I decided to catch up on everything I promised to write about in previous posts or I become a liar on my own blog. This is my second series this year and I’m so excited to talk about my relationships with all of you!

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