Things I’ve Learnt About Relationships

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. We are slowly but surely approaching the end of the year and so I decided to catch up on everything I promised to write about in previous posts or I become a liar on my own blog. This is my second series this year and I’m so excited to talk about my relationships with all of you!

In July, I wrote a Mid-Year Goal Review and briefly talked about my goals regarding relationships. I didn’t go into too much detail but I promised to spill that tea. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks.
My goal this year regarding relationships was to do better, be present, grow my relationship with God, be a better friend, daughter, sibling, cousin etc. By the time I did my mid-year review I was doing better in some of my relationships and not so good in others and now it’s time for another review.

Relationships make up a huge part of who we are. Man exists as a result of relationship and continues to exist because of the same. We form different relationships with different people and the quality and depth of these relationships matters so much. If they didn’t matter, I wouldn’t be writing this post today.

I have different types of relationships with different people. The way I’ll relate with my brother is not the same way I will with my boyfriend. Each of these relationships have differences but at the same time similarities in that both require my time, my presence, effort etc. Yes, I need to put in effort to make a relationship with a sibling work the same way I would with my partner.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking about four main relationships in my life and probably yours too. My plan is to review them. Just see how everything is going. What I’m doing right or what I’m doing wrong, how they have grown or how they have worsened and basically what I have learnt in each of those relationships. I’ll be talking about my relationship with friends, my relationship with God, my relationship with family and my relationship with my partner (Tea?).

Before we get into all that, Here are four things I’ve learnt about relationships.

Communication is key

Everyone says this because that’s the truth. Have all the conversations. The open conversations, the hard ones and the good ones too. If you’re like me, you probably don’t like uncomfortable conversations but they are necessary.

Relationships change people

This is a tough truth. If you’re going to spend so much time with someone, in any kind of relationship, one person is bound to influence the other. It’s necessary to know and understand the change that you are exposing yourself to. It’s also important to be sure that the person you are entering a relationship with is one you’re willing to allow to change you or influence you.
This change can be in form of interests, music taste etc.

Compromise is a two way street

Compromise is expected somewhere along the way. I do not mean compromising values or any of those big things. Sometimes one person will have to change their schedule in order to be there for the other or things like that and it can’t be one person who keeps compromising because it gets annoying. My bestfriend and I suck at this because I feel I’m the one who changes my day to talk to her and she never does. So it should be a two-way street. Let it show that all parties involved are putting in effort.


Dealing with other people requires patience. The last year has really taught me a huge lesson in patience and it’s one I couldn’t have done without. Sometimes someone won’t do things how you want them to or things won’t happen the way you want them to but you have to learn to be patient. Be patient with the other person and be patient with yourself. Patience will not hurt you.

I’ve only mentioned four things but there is so much to learn! What are the things you’ve learnt about relationships? Leave a comment below! I’d love to know.

I plan to do two posts on each sub-topic which means I will be posting twice a week for the next month. Yay! The first post (Mondays) will be based solely on my thoughts, experiences and findings and the second post (Thursday) will be written with your help and your input. I will be doing a question poll every Tuesday-Wednesday on my Instagram so that I can get questions from you regarding these four areas and also hear your thoughts on the various relationships. I can’t wait!

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What have your relationships taught you?

Thanks for reading!
Wonani Xx


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