Looking For God, Finding Community (Why You Need Community)

One significant shift in my mindset last year was the value of community. I undervalued the role that being part of a positive community played in one’s growth as a person.

As someone who spent a lot of her life doing things alone, not asking for help, sorting everything else herself and even calming herself down in the middle of a panic attack, community was the last thing on my mind. I never even really thought about it, apart from the blogging community I was a part of. I took so much pride in doing things alone until one day it hit me. If truly I was meant to do things alone, I would have been the only human being in existence on earth. Thankfully that’s not the case because what would I do alone? I can’t even hold a live chicken!

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Mental Health: Can You Help Me With This?

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. May is Mental Health Awareness month and with that in mind, I have been sharing a few things regarding mental health.

Today’s post is one I should have posted last week but I was scared of being misunderstood. I wasn’t going to post it but I have decided to go ahead and I’ll do my best to make sure everything I explain myself well.

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