I Turned 22!

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. On the 4th of February, last week, I turned 22. I also celebrated my first, and hopefully last, birthday in a pandemic. I was one of the lucky ones who got to celebrate their birthday “normally” last year and I’m glad I actually did something with my friends.

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5 Things I’ve Learnt in 2020

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. I hope everyone is having a good festive season. This December doesn’t feel so festive for me. I don’t know where the real December went but I want it back.

In 2018 I wrote about the little things. I read through that post just before I started working on this one and I still feel the same way about small achievements. We shouldn’t overlook the little things because small achievements are achievements still. If you feel 2020 has been that kind of year for you, you should definitely read the 2018 post titled 2018 and the little things.

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Did You Hurt Them?

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Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. At the end of last week’s post, “Are You Hurt?“, I mentioned I’d be flipping the tables today. Telling the story from the other side. So if you haven’t read “Are You Hurt?“, be sure to read that before you continue with this.

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