Looking For God, Finding Community (Why You Need Community)

One significant shift in my mindset last year was the value of community. I undervalued the role that being part of a positive community played in one’s growth as a person.

As someone who spent a lot of her life doing things alone, not asking for help, sorting everything else herself and even calming herself down in the middle of a panic attack, community was the last thing on my mind. I never even really thought about it, apart from the blogging community I was a part of. I took so much pride in doing things alone until one day it hit me. If truly I was meant to do things alone, I would have been the only human being in existence on earth. Thankfully that’s not the case because what would I do alone? I can’t even hold a live chicken!

When I found community I wasn’t even on a search for one. I was on a search for God. Just really trying to know God for myself. In the middle of my search for God, he led me to community. The irony of looking for someone who is leading you does not miss me.

Last year, when I really embarked on a journey of knowing Jesus, I met a sweet lady, Beliya, at church who invited me for a content creation day at her house “with some girls.” I excitedly agreed but when the day approached, I became reluctant because I knew that would mean meeting new people and I wasn’t sure I was up for any of that. I was debating within myself as to whether I would go or I wouldn’t.

The content creation day arrived, Third of July, 2022. It was a Sunday so we were at church together. When the service was over, one of my friends (who I don’t go to church with) started calling me about another event that was happening somewhere on the same day. I didn’t want to go for the event because I knew it would be loud and honestly, I just had no interest in being at that event. There was nothing for me there. So, I had to pick my poison. It was either I go and create content with people I don’t really know and potentially not be comfortable and enjoy myself or I go for this other event and be upset about the noise and not enjoy myself.

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You guessed right. Dressed in my black formal outfit, not at all dressed to create content for my blog, I went for a content creation event. I should have known, from how I was dressed, that the Lord was leading me there for anything but creating content. I didn’t even know what this content I was going to create I was just going.

So we get to the venue and everyone knows everyone. I only knew two people there. Beliya, who I barely knew, and Shulie, who I was still trying to figure out. We begin by saying hi and introducing ourselves. Well, I introduced myself. Thereafter, the now famous, “How’s Your Heart?” question was asked.

Long story short, I was balling my eyes out in response to the question because of something I had been carrying in my heart for years! You know what was beautiful though? People cried with me. People who barely knew me at the time but still allowed their hearts to feel with me and just support me through it. I felt so much love. I was looking for God and

I’ve been a part of Bloomers and other healthy and great communities for just under a year. Here is why I think you should be part of community.

Connection and Belonging

I’m always talking about how human beings weren’t designed to be alone all the time. Being part of a community allows you to form genuine connections and gives you a sense of belonging. At the end of the day, we all just want to know that (and feel like) we are part of something. I’ve formed some pretty amazing connection through Bloomers. One of my closest friends is as a result of Bloomers.
Also, being a part of something that impacted my life, and still does to this day, and knowing that other people are probably experiencing what I experienced in community gives me joy. I’m so glad to be in the communities I’m in.

They provide great opportunities to learn

Chances are that everyone in that community has some differences. Differences in how they think, how they do things, etc. The times y’all link up are a great opportunity to learn a thing or two from others. The communities I am in really offer great discussions with sometimes opposing views but many chances to learn.

Also, if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. I’ve learnt a lot about my faith through my community. Open your heart and open your mind too.

Community boosts happiness

You just have to trust me on this one. I’ve been much happier since I found people who genuinely loved me and wanted to see me happy.

You get free advice

Depending on what type of community you’re in, you could get away with asking for help and getting solid advice. Find one person in the group you think would be a great help and ask away. As someone who is walking away from being entirely dependent on self, this is something I’ve appreciated because I never feel like asking for help or advice is a sign of weakness.

You have people to cry with you

These could be both tears of joy or the opposite. This might actually be one of my favourite things. Just having people ready to really hear your heart. The great thing about crying with community when you’re sad is you won’t stay sad for a long time. They will lift you up, pray you out of and walk you out of the sadness.

It’s also great to have people you can share you joys and wins with. I personally love it where I am.

Your strength could be someone else’s weakness

Think of the opportunities you will have to love on other people. We all do have weaknesses and one way community helps us is by lifting us up or standing with us when we are weak. You could do the same for others in your strengths.

You have your own experiences, you have your own lessons you have learnt and I am 100% someone out there would appreciate you sharing them. There is always a “one person”. Trust me on this one.

These are only six reasons. I could have mentioned a lot more but these should suffice for now. If you are in Zambia and you would like to be part of a community of women that love Jesus, please do try Bloomers. Your faith will grow, you’ll make amazing friends and you’ll have a great time at all our cute events.

What are your thoughts on being part of a community? Is it something you would do? Leave a comment and let me know. I absolutely love interacting with you.

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Thanks for reading!

Wonani Xx


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