What I’m Looking Forward To At 24

I never get excited for my birthday. I’m very well accustomed to birthday blues and sadness. I’m no stranger to not wanting to do anything for my birthday and to feeling like, “Eh. It’s just another year.” This year was extremely different. I was very excited about turning 24.

I turned 24 on the 4th of February. Three days before my birthday, someone asked me how old I was and I very quickly said 24. Our conversation went on and I realised I wasn’t 24. “Wait! I lied! I’m not 24.” The person I was talking to gave me a puzzled look and I went on to explain that I actually turn 24 in about three days and we both just laughed about it.

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In the past, I never rushed to say my age because I felt I was too young. I suppose this was true because for a long time, I was always the youngest in my friend groups. I’m not excited to say my age because I don’t feel young anymore. I’m excited because I’m really looking forward to 24. I’m just very optimistic of all that is to come.

On my birthday eve, I was telling a couple of friends that I felt like I was entering a new phase of life where things probably won’t be easy but there will be a lot of growing and a lot of peace. I know I’m gonna be stretched this year and you know what? I’m here for it.

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At 24, I am giving up on trying to attain balance. I am almost convinced it is not possible. Instead, I will seriously be working on my time management. I am currently working on a number of things and I’m bound to add more to my plate by the time the year is done. I have concluded that time management is the way forward because so far, balance has failed me. I also recently heard that balance equals stagnation. That’s a theory I’d have to explain but it’s what I’m going with.

At 24, I would also like to serve my family more. I have been spending so much time serving other areas of my life and not doing the best job at serving my family. I want to be more present and really have good personal relationships with everyone. I wouldn’t want to serve my church or my job and not serve my family at all. Family is my first ministry! I will have to make adjustments to my day to day plans and make room for my family. I also feel the need to really work on this now because if I move out without having properly done this, that will be the end for me. Lol.

At 24, I need to make money. Multiple streams of income. I’m looking for ways to make money outside my 9 to 5. Sometimes, I wake up thinking, “How can I make money today?” I need to be earning. So many things need money so I’m gonna have to make money.

At 24, I will be falling more and more in love with Jesus. It has been such a beautiful and fulfilling journey so far. I believe there is so much more for me to learn and discover and I’m looking forward to doing this even more. I believe I’m a much better person because of my decision to consciously follow Jesus.

At 24, I’m looking forward to seeing myself bloom. I feel like I’ve been like a flower waiting to bloom and I am finally in the process of blooming. It’s quite difficult to explain this to people who haven’t witnessed the process. I am finally learning about myself and being confident with that knowledge. Thinking about the person I am becoming and the things I will be doing just gives me goosebumps!

Finally, at 24, I’m looking forward to maintaining healthy relationships. I am looking forward to love and everything it will bring me. It will definitely be a fascinating year for sure.

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24 will not be the smoothest of years. What I do know for sure is there will be redefining, stretching, blooming and growth. I’m looking forward to all that this year has to bring. I am so excited and so expectant. I am so ready for 24!

I will have a podcast episode out tomorrow where I share 24 lessons I’ve learnt at 24. Be on the lookout for it! It is highly informative and fun. I know you’ll love it.

One More Thing…

For this year’s valentine’s post, I decided to do a Q+A with a twist. Let me explain. I need you to send me whatever questions you have regarding relationships, love, breakups or anything to do with the two. When you send me a question, I will send you a list of other questions I have received and you get to pick one, give me an answer and I will share it on the blog for everyone to see. You get it? Yes? Yes! So please send me your questions via email @doseofwonani@gmail.com or via Instagram @doseofwonani. Alternatively, you can leave your questions in the comments below! I am Looking forward to hearing from you.

Do you get excited for your birthday? Yes or No? Leave a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast too!

Thanks for reading,

Wonani Xx


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